Namaste Yoga Sport Bag Purple

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THE MOTIVE: The respectful gesture Namaste is a classic for both greeting and prayer. This motif in red and white is relaxing and peaceful. A good choice not only for yoga fans. Each Shakti Milan bag is unique and can therefore differ from the photo.

THE BAG: The perfect choice for yoga bags: training clothes, water bottle, towel and even the yoga mat can be taken along without much effort. Everything you need for and after a tiring workout is well stowed away. And with these great designs the sport becomes almost a minor matter …

EXTRAS: zipper, individually adjustable straps and straps, inside pocket with zipper, separate closable inside pocket on the strap, waterproof.

MATERIAL: recycled rice bag or lens bag covered with plastic film for protection (waterproof), collected and processed in Nepal; lining: cotton-polyester mixed fabric.

THE PROJECT: Shakti Milan Nepal is a social project to bring women into work and responsibility. With the proceeds from the sale of the products we create jobs in a positive, supportive and non-violent environment directly in Nepal.

UNICATE: All high quality sewn Shakti Milan products are unique and may differ slightly from the picture.

Colour: green purple

Dimensions: approx. 45cm x 23cm x 21cm

Material: recycled rice or lentil bag, collected in Nepal; lining: cotton-polyester blended fabric

Extras: zipper individually adjustable belt and straps; inside pocket with zipper

Country of Origin: Handicraft from Nepal

Weight 425 g
Dimensions 45 x 23 x 21 cm



handmade in Nepal


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